• About

    You can call me Al. I’m the guy who created this website. I am the photographer, videographer, writer & English teacher/coach.

    I produced this site as a way for me to express my love and interest in this magnificent ancient city, or is it a town?

    I’m originally from Los Angeles, CA. But I live full time in Copenhagen with my wifey. Living in Copenhagen can be, as you can imagine cold, dark and wet. I would spend so much time on a plane escaping the weather in Denmark for my beloved climate and family in California.

    Until I discovered Antibes!

    Now my friends and family can come here to enjoy Antibes.

    I’m in love with the French Riviera, in particular Antibes. And so as the creative person that I am, I decided to start this website.

    You will see OldAntibes.com grow in time. Please return throughout the process and witness the progress.

    Long live Antibes and the good people of Antibes.